How To Make Your Fireplace More Energy Efficient

How to make your fireplace more energy efficient

During the colder months, we like to keep our homes warm and relax by a cosy fire! 

In this blog we give you some tips on how to get the most of your heat and help to make it more energy efficient.

– Book In For A Chimney Clean And Check By A Professional⁠

It is recommended that you have your chimney inspected or cleaned at least 1 – 2 times a year to avoid any unnecessary risks.⁠ Booking in for regular maintenance and chimney sweeping helps to prolong the life of your appliance and chimney.⁠ We offer an all round chimney maintenance service. This includes sweeping, nest removal, CCTV inspections, drone inspection, repointing and chimney cowls, specialist Creosote cleaning and more.⁠

– Close The Fireplace Damper Or Use A Damper Seal⁠

A fireplace flue damper enables you to control how much air flows up your home’s chimney when the fireplace is in use. Adjusting the damper allows you to burn a fire efficiently and safely. A fireplace damper should always be open while you light the fire as well as when it’s burning. Keeping a fireplace damper closed when it’s not in use will result in savings on heating expenses.

– Use The Correct Fuel (Dry Wood)⁠

Burning dry wood reduces the amount of soot and tar build up within a chimney as well as reduces emissions!⁠ Using dry wood also means that fewer logs are needed to produce the same level of heat. It will also help reduce utility costs. 

You shouldn’t be using wet wood as it’s dangerous for your health as it releases a number of pollutants and particles into the air. It creates excess smoking and a build-up of creosote (damaging sticky tar deposits) inside of the appliance and flue.

Chessell Woodyard on the Isle of Wight is the best place to purchase your dry wood, they also offer islandwide delivery.

– Acquire A Chimney Cap ⁠

Chimney caps are hood shaped coverings fitted to the top of a chimney to increase updraughts, preventing the wind from blowing smoke back into your home. ⁠

They also act as a barrier against birds and inclement weather, helping to prevent a build up of leaves and debris inside the chimney.⁠

– Buy A Draught Excluder⁠

Draught excluders are good to have to stop the warm air going up and the cold draughts coming in. At IPS we use Chimney Sheep® chimney draught excluders.

What are the benefits of using a Chimney Sheep draught excluder?

  •  Reduces your energy bills.
  • Stops wildlife and debris falling in.
  •  Reduces air pollution in the home.
  •  No more wind noise.
  •  Works in the summer- keeps your house cool.

Please get in touch with us for a free quote for any chimney services we offer. We will also give you advice on what is best for you and your chimney. 

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