Could A Wood-Burning Stove Help To Sell Your Property?

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It may not make your property more valuable, but it could make it more desirable and saleable.

  • Good Long Term Investment
  • Cost Effective
  • Great Focal Point

Having a wood-burning stove could potentially help you save money in the long term. There maybe a set up cost, but if you already have a chimney, replacing your open fire with a stove should be straightforward. Plus it can help to reduce your reliance on the rising energy tariffs.

The warmth which a real fire creates naturally means that you can reduce the use of your central heating, which leads to cost savings. Being able to use your wood burning stove in just one room will allow you to save money over the long term, and an extra bonus that you may find when the heat rises from where you have your stove is, that the heat it’s producing can spread upstairs if you remember to keep the doors open!

Another thing to remember is that a wood burning stove is a carbon neutral way to heat your home (Source), there is a great selection of DEFRA-approved appliances where you can use smokeless fuels which are all round better for the environment and cost effective.

Having a central feature in your home draws the eye to a particular place in your room, which a lot of new-builds lack. It can make the room look quite stylish with a modern feel, yet it can also add a warm glow creating a cosy atmosphere.

Here are some handy tips you might like to consider when selling your home.

  • Light your stove before viewings to create a cosy atmosphere and warmth in the home.
  • Add a welcoming aroma to your fireplace; such as cinnamon which comes from the bark of a tree, so it naturally is made for burning, or dry some herbs from your like sage, rosemary or lavender leaves.
  • Make sure your stove is featured in your photos and is added as a feature on your property description.

Looking for some great wood for your wood burner, we recommend taking a look at Chessell Woodyard here on the Isle of Wight, they are accredited to the Woodsure ‘Read to Burn’ approved merchant.

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