Why Would A Woodburner Cause A Carbon Monoxide Alarm To Go Off?


Carbon monoxide alarms are the most effective way to detect carbon monoxide in the air and alert you to the presence of the dangerous gas, that could be leaking from either your wood-burning stove or another appliance in your home. 

If your alarm goes off it’s important to investigate what might be causing a leak. So here are some ways to check –

You may need your chimney swept 

If your flue doesn’t have a clear passageway it won’t be able to suck on the stove to remove the gases causing the gases to stay in the firebox and leak out the air vents. 

Check your stove body 

There may be any obvious holes or cracks in the body of your woodburner or the flue. If there is any damage to the stove body, it is likely that gases will be escaping. This could be solved by sealing it with fire cement depending on how bad the damage is. 

Check your stove rope 

Your stove has a rope that forms a seal around the stove glass and between the stove door and the body.  So if the rope has been damaged in some way the gases are able to escape and leak. 

If you need any help we are here to help you.

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