The Benefits of Our Cherry Picker

In the world of construction, residential or business maintenance, and industrial projects, reaching great heights efficiently and safely is paramount. 

Traditional methods like scaffolding have long been the go-to solution, but advancements in technology have introduced alternatives that offer significant advantages.

Let us introduce to our amazing cherry picker and the benefits:

Impressive Reach and Outreach: Up to 23m (75 ft) in height with considerable horizontal outreach, reaching up to 12m (39ft) horizontally at a height of 10m (33 ft).

Compact Design for Accessibility: Maneuvers into spaces that traditional cherry pickers cannot, easily passing through single or double doorways for indoor and outdoor projects.

Unmatched Maneuverability and Versatility

Tracked Spider Boom Lift Design: Exceptional maneuverability with a tracked chassis, allowing for tight turns and navigation in confined spaces.

Adaptable to Various Work Environments: Ideal for maintenance projects in residential areas, industrial sites, or even near bodies of water.

Elevating Safety and Efficiency

Robust Safety Features: Engineered for safety with stable platforms and advanced safety measures, and managing the risk of accidents.

Intuitive Controls: Easy-to-use controls ensure operators can work confidently and securely at elevated heights.

Versatility Across Industries

Wide Range of Applications: From routine maintenance tasks to large-scale industrial projects, suitable for repairs, inspections, and construction projects.

Flexibility for Different Job Sites: Perfect for working on live roads, near water, or in challenging environments.

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We have worked with many businesses across the Isle of Wight with projects that need the help of our cherry picker! As well as residential properties that need roof, chimney repairs with a quick turnaround without the need of scaffolding.


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